Testing out Word as an xmlrpc blog client

So far so good. It seems that this is very straight forward to setup and use.

I have been using word for some time now for work so this seems like a good option.

In my other post, email client I went over the code I used to create an email xmlrpc client. All though that term is not correct.
I feel like it would be more of an email responder, but none the less it works and so does Word.

I was shocked to see something from Microsoft just work J

Building an email xmlrpc client

This is a post I sent to my blog via email. I know there are lots of blog clients out there, but a email editor I think would work just as good.

I will post a few more with this to test it out more.


HTML to Image conversion

This is something I have been struggling with for a few months. I have tried the suggestions of others and nothing really worked the way I wanted it to. The results were either a failure all together or an image that was either un-readable or so small that it was un-usable.

So I found the other day a few very good command line utilities that work very well. Up until now I had only been attempting native ColdFusion code or Java code called from ColdFusion. I had wanted to stay away from a command line tool simply because you have to have permission from your host to run the cfexecute tag. And since I was on a shared host, I knew this approach would not work at all.

Then I had a brain fart. what if I spun up a AWS EC2 instance and ran some CF code to call cfexecute? It turns out this is very simple to do and with the Free versions, its cheap too.


How to get the beginning of the week

Let me clarify a bit. What I mean is let's say you need to know the beginning of the current week and lets also say that the beginning of your week is always Sunday.

There are many ways to do this, and this way will allow you all kinds of flexibility (not that other ways won't). I will go over a few other ways I found today over at Rays blog post. I wrote this some 9 years ago for a time application I wrote. No matter what date you choose in a calendar widget, I needed to determine that weeks Sunday date. So this is how I accomplished that. My original code also calculated all kinds of other variables that related to the given task at hand but this was one of them.


Good entry on debugging JavaScript errors

Today Ray Camden posted an entry on how he finds and fixes JavaScript errors.

For me, I use FireFox for my initial testing and debugging of code. I like firebug plugin for FireFox. Chrome has the same thing now and that is what Ray is using in his post.

Even though these tools are very useful for finding easy problems, they don't help much with other things. For example I was working with some cf form ajax components and in the form onSubmit() i was getting an error (_b.value is undefined). I was using the validation with cfinputs.