I guess the breakup is finally here, they have been arguing for a while now and it seems they just can't get along going forward J

Coldfusion.com mentions this
"Our contract with Verity will soon end and we will no longer be able to allow downloads that have Verity in it (CF9/CF8 installers have Verity) post 31st of May. For this reason, we are coming out with a CF 9.0.2 without Verity. Post 31st May, anyone who wants to get hold of CF9 bits will be given access to CF9.0.2 as we can no longer provide the CF9 bits. CF9.0.2 will be made available on the website as well post 31st May.

But if anyone needs the CF9 bits with Verity, they need to download now (before 31st of May) from the website here: http://www.adobe.com/support/coldfusion/downloads.html


I know that I won't be bothered by this at all J I rarely use verity, all though it's a great product, dealing with search results is like throwing wet cats at a wall, it's just a lot of noise.

Anyway, just thought I would pass this along, Ray mentioned this today as well.