Adobe ColdFusion 10 Adobe ColdFusion 10 introduces a multitude of productivity enhancing features, seamless integration with the Java™–EE platform, and smart built-in solutions including support for HTML5 that enable developers to rapidly build enterprise-ready Internet applications.

ColdFusion 10 Enterprise edition Adobe® ColdFusion® 10 Enterprise Edition application server is designed to rapidly build enterprise-ready Java™ EE applications. Easily create interactive web applications leveraging unique built-in HTML5 support. Make your websites more secure with formidable security standards. ColdFusion 10 Standard edition

Adobe® ColdFusion® 10 Standard Edition application server helps you rapidly build web applications for moderate traffic on a single server. Easily create rich HTML5 applications without prior knowledge of HTML5. Condense complex logic into less code with smart built-in solutions.

ColdFusion 10 Developer edition ColdFusion 10 Developer Edition is a free, fully functional version of ColdFusion for local host development of applications that will be deployed on either standard or enterprise servers and can be simultaneously accessed from two remote IP addresses.

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